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About Us

Sell My Own Place was established in 2016 as a cost effective advertising platform that enables private property sellers and landlords access to the major Australian websites to list their own homes and land for sale or rent online. Owners receive the same enquiry that agents do when they advertise on and plus a number of smaller sites.

Sell my house myself

Advanced Systems

Advertising on and is restricted to agents who hold subscriptions. We are not permitted to advertise owners contact details so we have incorporated sophisticated systems to ensure all enquiries go direct to our clients in real time.


Emails. When a buyer or tenant sends an email from your advert it is re-directed automatically to your inbox.

Calls and Texts. We allocate a unique code to your listing and request buyers and tenants to text that code to the number displayed. They immediately receive your phone number to contact you direct. 



Q. Can I sell my house myself?

A. Yes. There is no legal requirement to appoint an agent and pay a commission.

Q. When you sell your house privately do you attract as many buyers?

A. Your property will appear on the websites exactly the same as agent ads.

Q. Are buyers ok to deal direct with owners?

A. In many cases buyers prefer to talk direct with owners. If you aren't comfortable negotiating direct with buyers then we can do this for you.

Q. How do I sell my house privately?

A. Homes sell themselves if your price is right and you advertise on the right websites.

Q. On your DIY packages is there any more to pay?

A. No. The amount advertised is all you pay.

Q. How long does it take for my advert to go live?

A. We upload listings daily. Ads received by 4pm AEST go live same day.

Q. How do I make changes and is there a fee for this?

A. All changes are free using our edit form.

Sell my own house
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