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Sell my house
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Our Agents...
1. Market Your Property,
2. Negotiate a Great Result and
3. Work Closely With You Until Settlement

Our Flat Fee Includes Premiere Listing on Pay Nothing Upfront Option. Flat Fee
$6,900 Regional Areas
$7,900 Metropolitan Areas

Call 7 days for an Obligation-Free Chat 0476 448 709

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How It Works

Pay Nothing Until Sold*


  • Dominate your market and get top price with a Premiere (top) Listing on, Silver (feature) Listing on Domain, Professional Photos, Drone Shots, Floorplan, Signage, Staging etc.


  • We can also provide funding to present your property at it's very best, including any Repairs, Landscaping, Cleaning and whatever else is needed for you to maximise it's potential. Up to $35,000 is available instantly for home sellers. 


  • Why wouldn't you dominate your market to get top price with a zero-upfront Premiere Package?   


*Marketing costs are payable on the earlier of settlement of sale, withdrawal of listing or 6 months.

What We Do To Get You Top Price...

  • Prepare a full market analysis and advise on pricing

  • Arrange professional photography and floorplan

  • Write appealing ad heading and description

  • Advertise your property as Premiere on and other sites

  • List on 6 major overseas property websites

  • Post on numerous facebook groups and marketplace

  • Offer your property to our massive database

  • Qualify buyers as to their ability and readiness to buy

  • Arrange an inspection time with you

  • Follow them up for feedback after every inspection

  • Present all offers and negotiate the best price and terms to your satisfaction

  • Organise contracts and deposits with conveyancers

  • Liaise with other professionals to facilitate a smooth settlement process

Agent Assist Saving
Helping property Owners sell their house privately online.


  How Smart Sale Works

  • You know your home better than we, or any other agent does. Because of this we believe in most cases you could do a better job of showing buyers around. Buyers love to meet owners and get direct answers to their questions. It's a true win - win situation. By showing our pre-qualified buyers around you will save thousands on our Smart Sale Package.

  • Despite what some agents want you to believe, homes actually sell themselves. Agents can't make someone buy a home they don't want, and can't stop them buying the one they do want. The skill needed for successful real estate sales is to be able to find and qualify buyers through effective marketing and evaluation of their needs and ability to buy, and to then negotiate the best possible price and terms for the seller. That's what we do best!

  • Our experienced agents do everything that main street agents do, and often more. The only difference is we ask you to allow our pre-qualified buyers to inspect. That saves us a lot of time and we pass the saving on to you. 

  • We don't want you to try to "sell" your own home, just allow our buyers to inspect. We'll then follow them up and give you their feedback. With interested buyers our expert agent negotiators will be working to get you the very best result. 

Helping property Owners sell their house privately online.
Why mart sale
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