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Sell my house myself

DIY Private Sale


Don't sell your property short! We no longer offer Standard Listings on because we want our customers to achieve the best result. Standard listings appear below all Premiere, Highlight and Feature listings, and if they don't sell quickly go further and further down the pages. They cannot be bumped up and so tend to go stale, and that's not a good look for us or your listing.


With MANY MORE HITS than a Standard Listing, a Premiere (Top) Listing on is your best investment in selling faster and for a better price. Premiere Listings start at top of page 1 in your location, and recycle back up to number 1 position every 15 days until sold. It's the best exposure by far to grab the attention of genuine buyers and sell your house privately.


Case Studies

To start selling, 

1Contact Us to obtain prices for your location

2. Click Here  to upload your property

or call us now 0476 448 709

The 5 Must-Haves For a Successful Private Sale Campaign!

  1. Premiere Listing on

  2. Feature Listing on

  3. Large For Sale Sign

  4. Professional Photography

  5. Professional Copy Writing

Sell house privately

How it works!

  • Phone enquires. We aren't permitted to advertise your contact details, so we allocate a unique 4 letter code to your ad. Buyers are instructed to text that code to the number displayed and they immediately get your number to text or call you direct.

  • Email enquiries are automatically on-forwarded to your inbox.

  • We provide email support 7 days.

  • You can login to your listing any time to make any changes and view activity 24/7.

Contact us if you have any queries.

Check out our new hassle free Ultimate Package

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