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Sell house privately
Ultimate Sale Package 
You asked for it, so here it is!
Pay Nothing At All Until Sold*  
Includes Absolutely Everything...
  • Premiere Marketing
  • Commission
  • Conveyancing
Everything you need to get an awesome result is in our value packed Ultimate Package.
Our experienced agent markets your home, qualifies the potential buyers, arranges inspections, provides feedback from inspections, negotiates the best price for you, engages our conveyancing partners and manages all activity right through to settlement day.
Total cost of the Ultimate Package is $6900, with a Success Fee of $3000 for homes up to $800,000, and $5000 for home over $800,000.The all-inclusive fee can be deducted from settlement funds - you need pay nothing upfront*
Our Guarantee.
Our Ultimate marketing package guarantees the maximum exposure of your home to ready and willing buyers.
Priced correctly - It will sell! 
The only possible reason for not selling is over-pricing. Pricing is of course your decision at all times, and we will be working closely with you to get this right.
What's Included...
  1. Your own professional webpage showcasing your home. Example

  2. Our database contains over 60,000 contacts Australia wide.

  3. Comprehensive market appraisal report

  4. Title Search

  5. Pre-sale documents

  6. Professional photography

  7. Drone photos

  8. Floorplan

  9. Signage

  10. Flyers

  11. Professional copy writing

  12. Premiere until sold listing on

  13. E-Brochure to all buyers registered for your location

  14. Listed on Asian, Indian and US property websites

  15. Silver feature listing on

  16. Listing and login to to view activity

  17. Social media posts

  18. Inspections arranged

  19. Contracts

  20. Conveyancing

  21. Managed settlement process


* We use a third party funding partner whose terms are payment on the earlier of sale, withdrawal from sale, or 6 months​ from commencement. Interest free, no credit check is required.

Sell home on
Sell house privately
Market Appraisal
Sell house online
Sell house yourself

1. Market Appraisal. We use the latest national property data tools to compare your home to recent sales and current listings in your location, taking into account improvements and special features that are unique to your home. We discuss the results and work closely with you to arrive at a market price that best matches your expectations and our appraised value.

2. Pre-Sale Documents. Requirements vary depending on which state you're in. 

NSW   A sale contract must be prepared prior to marketing and provided to buyers on request

VIC     A Statement of Information must be displayed with advertising and a section 32 Statement of Information              is required to present to buyers before entering into a sale contract

SA      A Form 1 Vendors Statement must be presented to buyers before entering into a sale contract

TAS    No upfront forms required

WA     No upfront forms required

QLD    No upfront forms required

NT      No upfront forms required

ACT    A sale contract must be prepared prior to marketing and provided to buyers on request


3. Professional photography. Quality photos are essential in obtaining a good response to your ads. Apart from the skill in getting the right angles, exposure and lighting, photos are digitally enhanced so your home is presented at its very best. We provide 12 or more photos plus drone shots where available.

4. Drone photo. An eye from the sky allows viewers to gain a better perspective of you home and location.

5. Floorplan. A 2D colour floorplan is prepared by the photographer or from builders plans if you have them.

6. Signs. You can't sell a secret. Buyers do drive around areas they'd like to live. Locals do have friends or relatives they'd like to move closer to them. An 1800mm x 1200mm sign is professionally installed and removed post sale. Where the installation service is not available we post you a smaller 1200mmx 900mm sign for self install. Included is a pointer sign, an UNDER CONTRACT sticker and a SOLD sticker. 

7. Flyers. We post you 50 glossy flyers to hand out, as well as business cards and guest registers with QR codes to enable us to contact buyers if you choose to hold open inspections.

8. Internet. There are 4 levels on - Premiere, Highlight, Feature and Standard. Premieres at the top receive many more hits than the other levels. We have the best subscription possible to upload your property. It will commence as a Premiere at the top of page 1 and as more are added it will move down, but every 15 days until sold it recycles back to absolute top position. Our experienced copy writer ensures that your listing engages effectively with prospective buyers.

A Silver Feature listing on is for 30 days above all Standard listings, and then becomes a Standard until sold.

A listing until sold allows access to your own dashboard where you can monitor activity and offers.

9. Social Media. We've joined property groups all over Australia and share your property to the relevant ones in your area.

10. Inspections. This is the part our buyers and sellers love most! No agent knows your property like you do, and it's so frustrating when your agent can't answer basic questions about your property. It could even cost you the sale! So we think it makes a lot of sense for you to show our qualified buyers around because you can answer their questions on the spot. We don't want you to try and 'sell' to them - homes sell themselves! We follow the buyers up after every inspection and provide the feedback for you. With interested buyers we negotiate hard to get you the best result possible. 

11. Contracts. We arrange execution/exchange of contracts and lodgement of deposit into Solicitors trust account.

12. Conveyancing. We forward your contract to our specialist conveyancer partner to action. Alternatively we can engage your preferred conveyancer and adjust the cost difference if any.

13. Settlement. After contracts are in place there is still a bit to manage. Building and pest inspectors, valuers, brokers and other professionals are liaised with to ensure as smooth a settlement process as posssible.

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